Several months ago I was approached by a lovely lady who was apprehensive in hiring an illustrator to illustrate her apartment spaces.  She searched the web for along time, loved my work, so she took the initiative to reach out to me for her interior architectural rendering. I can understand the apprehension of ordering a service online; who knows what you'll get? I remember about 10 years ago I ordered a logo online. The website had some very nice logos, so I dropped my deposit, wrote out my brief, and patiently waited. About two weeks later I got a god awful clip art that sincerely, could have been done by my 6-year-old daughter.  Now, this was a $100 proposition, so I wasn't out much, however, I haven't ordered a service online since. The $100 wasn't a waste, it was a learning moment and I am now sympathetic when it comes to peoples online fears.  

WOW. Beautiful. Thanks, Bobby
— Client

This, the Elizabeth Apartment Unit E rendering is the second unit I have illustrated; she loved the first and she loves this one just as much.

To tell you the truth, over the years interiors have been a challenge for me. The end deliverables have always been received good, however, they were hard to pull off and very time-consuming. Like anything, practice makes perfect. I have done hundreds of interiors over the years and they are now becoming easier and a joy to do.

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