Over the past several years I have seen a shift in my client based. For a couple decades, my clients were architects and developers, but now it is realtors and home owners. Since the advent of software like Revit Architecture, architects are doing a lot of their illustrations in-house. Sadly, most of the digital illustrations you see coming out of the architect's office are of poor quality. Not because of the lack of artistic skill, but rather the lack of time and dedication to learning the software.  Have you ever seen those celebrities before makeup and after makeup photos? Well, if you would see the before rendering of this project, you would be just as startled. It takes many, many hours to bring a digital model, let's say out of Revit Architecure, to a finished rendering like the 81 Montford rendering you see below.

Over the last couple years, my client base has shifted to realtors, who need to market their property prior to construction and the architect's renderings are not meeting the needs of the realtor, which is to show the structure in its best light; something the viewer will fall in love with.

Here, is a rendering for 81 Montford, which will be used to sell the house prior to the properties construction is complete.

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