1. First, is our initial contact, which is usually via this website. Since I have been an architectural illustrator, initially pen and paper and now digital, for 25 years, I have a strong presence on the web. Most of my projects (other than my many repeat clients) start from someone like you doing a search on the internet for, exterior renderings, or architectural renderings. When you request a quote, you are directed to a form which asks questions that'll help me understand your architectural rendering needs.

  2. Once I receive your request, I'll review your needs and follow up with an email or phone call, usually within one business day. The initial email or phone call is just to give you an idea of what it'll cost, prior to emailing you a formal quote.

  3. After reviewing your request, and after our initial email or phone correspondence, I'll prepare a formal quote for you and it'll arrive via email. The quote will allow you to approve it and once it is approved we'll move onto the next step.

  4. Here, I'll create a deposit invoice from the approved estimate. The deposit is 50% (PayPal, Visa, MasterCard...) and it'll secure you a spot on my schedule. I am a very busy architectural illustrator, so typically, I have a 3-week lead time, but that does vary. Also, I'll email you a short contract, which will need to be signed and returned.

  5. Okay, now we are ready to roll and my goal is to provide a stunning interior rendering or exterior rendering that you can use for your marketing, sales, or client communication. From you, I'll need everything it'll take for me to produce your architectural renderings. From CAD drawings to a building information model, and colors and materials; I'll need as much information as you have.

  6. Once I have received all your project information I'll start by building the 3d model and within a couple days I'll email you a gray- scale proof, which will need to be approved for its accuracy. For your convenience, you can mark your proofs online.

  7. After you have approved the gray-scale model I'll start adding the environment, colors, and materials, and I'll work on the composition. And after a couple days I'll send you a low-resolution color proof, which will need to be approved for its accuracy. For your convenience, you can mark your proofs online.

  8. If anything needs to be tweaked, I'll tweak and send you a second low-resolution proof. (Typically, I allow for two sets of revisions)

  9. Now, at this point, I am ready to render out a high-resolution version of your architectural rendering. Also, at this point, I'll initiate the final invoice, which will need to be paid upon delivery of the final high-resolution architectural rendering.

  10. Since the first 9 steps went so well, hopefully, it'll repeat many more times.