I have moved into my new office!

From a high-rise studio apartment in downtown Chicago to my first house about an hour south of the city to a house in upper Minnesota.  The first couple moves were a breeze, because, well, I didn't have much. Boy, did I underestimate this move? Not only was this buying process more time consuming than the first two houses, I had 14 years of family bliss to pack and move. 

The good news is, I am settled into my home office and I have taken some photos.

On a whim, my wife wanted to talk to a realtor about selling our house because simply put, we grew out of it. We met the realtor on a Saturday and the house sold the following Tuesday. Now that we have 30 days to vacate, we went house hunting.  After an exhaustive few weeks, we found the perfect house, made an offer which was excepted and waited for all the finance stuff to pan out. There were a couple weeks between closings that we hunkered down in a hotel, which worked out okay. Up here, in the Summer, everything is booked solid and booked for top dollar. We were blessed and found a newly remodeled hotel that had a two-week vacancy, so needless to say, I booked it.

It has been a very busy month, but God is good and everything went smoothly,  Throughout the move, I literally had no work downtime, which is awesome. Working from the hotel wasn't the ideal setup, but it worked.

If your project was being developed during this process hopefully you didn't even notice the disruption in my workflow. If you did, my apoligize.