The most experiential and dynamic perspective is a ground level view.  It offers the most telling opportunity to explain height and scale to our human dimensions,   and through close proximity better explains choice of materials  and perceived patterns/textures through color.   The downside is that the further the point of interest is away the flatter and the less interesting the project.  Plan element  beyond 100' are harder to perceive by our standing 5'6" average eye height   and must rely on  more vertical element (people, vegetation and built forms) to perceive the use of that location.

To further the dynamic perspective, it is important to have a foreground,middle and background elements.  This furthers the illusion of depth and can literally walk one into the rendering.   What happens in the  first 60 feet is the most dynamic area in the horizontal plane.  If the horizontal plane is underdeveloped or unimportant, a worms eye view can increase the dynamic perspective and removes this area from the viewers perception.

In choosing a perspective, I create several perspective viewpoint based on requirements to best access the strength and weakness of each view and find that which I want to emphasis.


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