Here are the architectural renderings for 1650 Comm Ave. project. The project is currently under construction and these images will be used for pre-sale and marketing.

Typically, and per my contract, all custom furniture modeling is quoted separately. However, there were some miscommunications between the party I entered into the contract with and the design team, so I went ahead and modeled each of the assets used in the scene.

For almost all my work I am the creative lead. This architectural rendering, however, I was just following directions.  Without having much say in things and not working with the party I entered into the contract with, things took a long time and personally, not the feel I would go for.  Sometimes you have to remember that your client has to be happy more than you do, but I do try to make each of my renderings a portfolio piece, so I take it personally.

Anyway, any comments on this project would be appreciated. HEck, maybe I have been looking at in for far to long and it might have turned out better than these eyes are seeing.

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