There is a story with these white mansions you see me do.  A couple years ago I got a phone call from a gentleman out of upper New York State.  The gentleman had some mansions that he wanted to get illustrated, he saw my work and was extremely impressed. He was having an outfit out of China doing his renderings and he wanted to up his game, but didn't think that the Chinese company could compete with the quality he is seeing on my website. We discussed price and the phone call ended in, I can't possible produce the quality you want for the price you paid the Chinese company.  Over the next 24 hours I was not having a good feeling about not being able to work on such nice houses. I decided that if I come down a little and he comes up a little, maybe we can work something out. The next day I called him back and after some haggling, which I usually don't do, we decided on a price.

Now, some might hit me in the back of the head if they heard what I charged for these, however, just like charging more for projects you can't get excited about, sometimes it makes sense to change less for projects you can get excited about. If you really want to know what I charged, feel free to email me.

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