The objective was, natural materials in a woodsy environment. The Barr residence rendering is for a local architect, who has a client who couldn’t visualize the selected colors and materials for their dream house. I feel their fear and this is exactly why I got into the business of architectural renderings.

Thanks to the following sites, I was able to obtain high-resolution texture that I color matched in Photoshop.

Both sites have free accounts, however, I am a monthly subscriber to both, which gets me higher resolution textures.

Earlier in my career I spent a lot of time perusing the internet for free textures and 3D models. Not until I starting work professionally and my workload was heavy did I realize that my time is of value and better spent other places, so I started purchasing the best money can buy and I subscribed to the best site available. This, is one of the steps I take to make my work better than most; high quality assets.

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