There is no denying that our industry has changed. But, do you know what I don't miss? I don't miss the 11th hour phone call, from clients with that urgent project, that they needed tomorrow. The reason I don't have to deal with that is, most of them are no longer in business.

Presently, I have top shelf clients, who treasure quality workmanship. The quantity of work isn't there, but the high caliber projects are. The only way someone can think it takes hours to produce something stunning is, if they don't value what you doanyway.

YOU CAN'T CUT CORNERSspecially with your visual deliveries. The best intent will be lost, if you don't have good graphical representation.

The testimonies I get, from returning clientsgo like this:

Bobby, I got my last two clients partially because of the work you did for me on previous projects. But, both were upset because, when it came to their project, the quality just wasn't there.

So, the moral of this story is, only the good survive. The people who have dispensable income are the ones who value quality and craftsmen ship.