Tamarac Village is a development in Florida. I worked on this project early last year, however, at the time it was in preliminary, and I didn't have any drawings, which made things difficult. This time, I had drawings, which made things easier, but the project was still massive and had its challenges. 

First, were the many building and the short deadline along with the intricate site plan. There are paths, pavers, asphalt, concrete, and a lot of asphalt markings. Initially, I had three weeks to build the buildings and the site with the basic landscape. After that deadline was met, I had another week to complete the landscape plan. The landscape plan was nothing less than insane. All-in-all, there were over 50 plants, trees, and ground cover species placed in intricate patterns everywhere (tens of thousands).

The owner had specific views he wanted, which were not necessarily what I would have chosen. I spend a lot of time composing a scene and setting up the light, but on these, the views were picked for the owners specific needs.

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