Over the past couple decades,  I have accumulated a large library of digital assets. These digital assets are the bread-n-butter to my digital workflow. A well organized stock pile of high quality 3D model and textures is fantastic, but they come with time.  I remember spending hours looking for free 3D models to use in projects.  Those days are long gone, but sometimes I need something that I just never needed before. My modeling skills are pretty high, but my time is relatively valuable, so off to the internet I go. Unlike a couple of decades ago, I have larger budgets, so a quick trip to Turbosquid usually does the trick, but before I go there, I always stop over at arcive3d.

Archive3d has 100's of 3d models, which are extremely high quality, and 100% free. So, build your library, keep it well organized for fast searching, and if you get stuck, archive3d might have what you need.

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