Recently, I was asked about how I build my 3DS MAX roofs. Since I have been asked several times before I thought I would record how I build them.

The secret is told. I learned this from deconstructing the roofs created by a script I found over at, however, the script stopped working a long time ago, so I can't use it anymore. Since the script is broken in later MAX versions, I dug into one I already built, using the script, and found that it was rather simple. I couldn't figure out how it was mapping things so well until I discovered 3DS MAX's map scaler, which was the missing piece to the 3D Displacement roof script.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them below. If you would like the 3DS MAX file with my roof, please request it in the comments section and I'll email it over to you. Please, do not fill out my contact form, which will place into my contact management system (CMS). If you would like the file, please comment to this post. Thank you :).

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