I am proud to share some of my latest 3D photorealistic architectural renderings. A lot of long days and many sleepless nights, but oh so worth it.  Several months ago I was asked to illustrate a new development, which is being built in Florida. Once I saw the plans I was excited to get started. Please, use the arrows to scroll through the rooms.

First, I got right to modeling the exterior and all the interior spaces, using 3DS MAX Design; the developer decided on five interiors. The plans were simple floor plans, without elevations or details, so that was a bit of a challenge. However, working back and forth with the developer, we worked through the design.

The Osprey Estate development will consist of four houses, this being the first of the four. Please, visit The Eaton Architectural Renderings. I'll post the other two when they are complete. Also, each house will have an exterior, which I'll update all posts with the exterior architectural renderings.

As previously mentions, I used 3Ds MAX Design to model, and for the rest of the technical mumbo jumbo, I used V-Ray as the render engine, and Photoshop for post production.

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