LightTrac is a must have tool for all outdoor Architectural Illustrators. Quickly determine at what time and location the light conditions are perfect to shoot your subjects outdoors. The elevation and angle of Sun changes throughout the year depending on the location, date and time of day, LightTrac calculates the elevation and angle of Sun or Moon for any date & time, for any place on earth and plots it on top of a satellite map. Armed with this information and with an extremely easy to use interface, you can now plan your photoshoot even several months ahead of time and position yourself at the right spot at the right time for the perfect shot.

Whether you are a landscape or Architectural Illustrators, a wedding or sports photographer you will love what LightTrac has to offer.

LightTrac is not just useful to photographers, but its also useful to architects, real-estate buyers, solar panel owners/installers, gardeners, travelers or for any outdoor person interested in knowing any info about the Sun or the Moon.



  • Scout for new locations using a map for the perfect sunlight angle or for a backdrop with a rising/setting moon
  • Find Angle and Elevation of Sun for any location and time
  • Find Angle and Elevation of Moon for any location and time
  • Find Sunrise, Sunset and Twilight times for any day
  • Find Moonrise, Moonset times for any day
  • Search locations by address, city or zipcode
  • Save multiple locations and switch between them easily
  • Does automatic timezone detection

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