We are excited to announce the official release of Marvelous Designer 4!

Marvelous Designer 4 includes new features that are outstanding,
such as Quad, FBX importer and Symmetric Editing.

Highlighted features

Symmetric Design/Editing
FBX Import
1 to N Sewing
Basting (Tack, Tack on Avatar)
Normal Flipping
Layer Clone
Wrapping Arrangement
Scale Rotation Pivot
Multiple Selection

Detailed videos are available at Learn > New in MD4 and, MD4 manual is available at here.


For pricing information, please visit MD Pricing page.

Users who purchased MD3 during Open Beta period get free upgrade to MD4.
Existing MD3 users get 50% off on their upgrade.

→ MD2 users are not eligible for upgrading price.

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