Recently, I was asked to help explain the design intent for a semi-custom manufactured house manufacturer. The designer had some great ideas to give the manufactured home some curb appeal, but was lacking the ability to visually show the owners her design. Initially, the designer contracted some architecture students, but the illustrations were not successful. 

This is absolutely amazing and so incredibly realistic! I am so excited!!!
— Interior Designer

Also, along with the exterior, the designer had some ideas for the bedroom. See, most manufactured homes have the bedroom in the back, and the back isn't seen by most, so lacks character. In this manufactured home community, which is in Florida, the homes are located on a beautiful lake. The back of the home is on the road, and is seen by most, and needed some curb appeal. The challenge was, they wanted windows on the back, but they wanted to make sure that the bedroom has little natural light. 

Manufactured Home Interior Bedroom Rendering

Manufactured Home Interior Bedroom Rendering

This was a fun project and I was extremely satisfied in helping someone convey their design ideas; that's what I do!

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