Often, I get emails, calls, or web chats about my pricing. The question usually looks like this, "what do you charge for an exterior rendering?" or "what do you charge for a kitchen rendering?" My reply is always the same, which is, "Each project is unique and I quote based on the size and complexity of your project, so I do not give generic pricing". A lot of the time I don't get a reply and sometimes people get a little hostile. Since the internet makes the world small, I believe many of these inquiries are from people wanting to break into the industry and they want to know what I charge.  If you see the standard pricing menu I would stop and think, will I get what I pay for and the answer will be, yes!

The Latham House rendering is a manufactured home with less than a 1000 sq floor plan. The house sits between a garage and a shed. I am sharing this because, there is no average project. From 1000 SF houses to 40,0000 SF houses, I do them all. Also, some of my smaller houses have more detail than some of my larger houses, so size isn't necessarily an indicator of cost. 

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