I often get emails asking for advice, favors, and freebies, but it isn’t often I get an email like this. It made my week, thank you!


I want to say thank you for the inspiration. I have referenced your renders for a long time in trying to improve my skill. Also your contributions to the Arch Viz community through your blog and various forums are a great resource. I appreciate you taking the time to post on the forums offering advice and providing solid solutions to the questions people have. I started following your work when I was employed at an architectural firm in Calgary, Alberta. This was around when my daughter was born and I was inspired by your business model to take the plunge to go freelance. Since then I have been working from home and it's the best thing I have done for my family. 

Anyway, I'm not selling or asking anything I just wanted to pass on my appreciation of your work.  
All the best,