As you start creating digital art, try not to be too hard on yourself. You learn more from your mistakes than you learn from your successes. At the same time, don't go overlooking improvements you see in your techniques. With a lot of screen time and a lot of patience you'll, be illustrating like a pro in no time. Guard your identity! it's tempting to copy an artist you admire. However, if you genuinely desire to succeed as an artist, you want to allow your own artistic spirit to come through your work.

As long as you're consistently developing as an artist, your work will continue changing, and your style will continue to grow.


Having said that, artists have been creating art for a long time. Use your favorite search engine, or go to the library, and explore all different types of art. By studying works of art, you can discover different techniques, and styles, that you can use to develop your own skills.