It's kind of difficult to get excited about a parking lot, but the Pastor of this church had an idea. Pastor Steve reached out to the civil engineer, who drew the plans, who then reached out to an architect, he knew, in regards to getting a rendering done for a fund raising campaign. Long, stony short, Pastor Steve gave me a call, I took his brief, and created him a parking lot rendering, showing the new parking lot.

Church Fundraising Rendering

I knew I couldn't just have a parking lot, so I built the 3d model of the existing building, using Google Earth Street Views. Then, I took the civil engineers 2d CAD drawings and modeled an accurate 3d model from them. 

Now, the church fundraising rendering will be printed in bulletins, posted on a construction road sign, and it'll be posted on their website. Good luck, Pastor Steve, and I hope the rendering helps get your congregation excited about their new parking lot.

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