We’ve been working to bring you a weekly art podcast featuring artist interviews with the same kind of artists that you’ve grown to love on the Pencil Kings Facebook page.

This first episode will give you a taste of what’s coming up in the following weeks as we dive deep into the stories behind the artwork and get to know the creators in a one on one basis.

You’ll quickly discover that the path to being an artist is anything but easy, but the rewards that each of our guests has experienced far outweighs the often unclear and difficult path that they had to walk to get to where they are now.

While you’re listening you’ll also get to experience how these artists got their breakthrough moments, what they did to get started and what they did when they were faced with failure and difficult challenges.

You’ll also learn all about how these artists were able to translate their creative skills into viable careers so that they can continue to be creative and get paid while they’re at it. Don’t be surprised that if while you’re listening you find yourself getting inspired, uplifted and driven to make a clear path with your own art career.

- See more at: http://www.pencilkings.com/art-podcast/#sthash.G39CmgC4.dpuf

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