If you are like me I try and try again to find the best workflow for each part of my renderings. Here, is my workflow for my grass. I am calling it 'perfect grass' because I have had many people ask how I am creating my grass, "it is perfect!".

We have come a long way! I remember when grass was one of the biggest giveaways that a rendering wasn't real. I tried everything under the sun and scattering seemed to have been the solution, except, it wasn't perfect. Before scattering it was pasting an image, which tiled badly without hours of post production work. Now, it seems like combining the old with the new is the key to the 'perfect grass', 

In this video I am using PSD-Manager and Forest Pack Pro, however, you can mask using many free plugins and to get the nice grass edge, you can use Photoshop's clone with a grass brush.

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