There’s no secret recipe to being creative. Generally when we’re researching new concepts or working on a new task, creativity breeds out of conception. That said, it’s easy to burn yourself out when consistently churning out new and creative ideas. There are however, a few ways to maintain your creative state of mind.

The below INFOGRAPHIC (from Islam Abudaoud) outlines 29 ways to wake and reinvigorate the creative side of your brain. Here’s some of our favourites:

  • Carry a notebook everywhere you go, you never know when opportunity might strike!
  • Get away from the computer, even if it’s for 5 minutes.
  • Quit beating yourself up, stress can stunt creative thinking.
  • Sing in the shower. Really, go for it!
  • Be open. Don’t shut out ideas just because they’re unfamiliar, you’ll be surprised at what you can learn!
  • Surround yourself with creative people.
  • Always get feedback. It’s important that you know what you’re doing right/wrong in order to improve.
  • Break the rules. As long as you’re not harming yourself, or someone else – try going against the norm.
  • Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect – just be YOU.
  • Finish something. Even the most mundane of tasks can breed innovation, give yourself a sense of accomplishment!
  • Get lots of rest. A tired brain is a useless one. 

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