Sketches and working models are without a doubt one of the most widely used tools in the architect’s repertoire. In the early phases of the design process in particular, they represent an essential part of the exploration process. For the most part, however, sketching and model building are separate and sequential steps. This project examines how both media can be linked to each other more effectively so that the design process is more continuous and the transition between the two media more fluid. Using a multi-touch table with additional 3D real-time object recognition, a prototypical system was developed and realised as part of a research project in which an interactive 3D sketching tool was linked with a real 3D working model.

The CDP-Environment extended to support interactive Sketching on real models. An additional Touchscreen is connected to the Multitouch Table. This allows two views of the same scene: One is the top-down view on the Table, the other one is a perspective view of the same scene on the additional touchscreen. This constellation allows the user to draw directly in the scene based on GIS-Data and real models. In addition, the drawings are mapped perspectively correct to the real object.


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