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What are revisions rounds?

An architectural rendering is a process that goes through many stages and revision is what makes it move from stage to stage. 

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How do you add revision comments?

I try to make adding comments to your architectural rendering as easy for you as I can, so I have an online review site that I call Review Studio. By simply picking on screen, with your mouse, stylus, or finger, you can add a revision note to your architectural rendering.

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How many revisions rounds do you get?

There are four revision rounds, two in gray-scale and two in color. Once your two rounds of revisions in gray-scale are completed and approved, I move to low-resolution color proofs. During this round, you also get two rounds of revision.

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Why do I have revision rounds?

Limiting the number of revisions forces us to work holistically. Getting everyone’s eyes on the architectural render at the same time helps the process move from stage to stage faster and smoother.

Years ago I would work tirelessly for someone, with an unlimited amount of revision, just to have the image passed to the next person, who has their own idea of what the architectural rendering should be.

Also, some rush their revision time and after each round they find things that they should have found in the previous round. With limits, people tend to take their time and thoroughly review their architectural rendering

What happens if more revision rounds are needed?

I find that the four rounds of revisions are usually enough, however, sometimes more are needed. Usually, more are needed because :

  • Revision rounds were rushed and things were not caught

  • People continue to work in their silo and pass the architectural render on to the next person after they used up the revision rounds.

If more revisions are needed I will quote on what it will cost to make the changes. Like I said, usually four is enough, but I once had 17 revision rounds. Literally, the architectural rendering was passed from person to person, each making their own comments and many contradicted changes already made by another contributor.

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