It all started with a deposit…

All of my projects get scheduled once the 50% deposit has been received. I have placed in bold an important words. The promise of a deposit isn’t a deposit. At any given time I have 1/2 dozen projects waiting for the deposit. Some will arrive and others will not.

  • Being a small business, cash flow is very important. Projects can run weeks or months, so to operate I need money.

  • Deposits keep my client invested throughout the process.

  • Deposits minimize the chance of non-payment.

Another reason I don’t schedule without a deposit is because things just happen. Even the best intentions don’t guarantee a project comes to fruition. I have had people be persistent for progress images when they have been told that I don’t schedule without a deposit and their deposit hasn’t arrived. This can go on for weeks and when their emails stop and I follow up, I’ll get comments like, “oh, that project fell through”. This happens more often than you might think.