Two important things happen when you say to your client:  “I’ll need 50%, up front, to start the work and the balance is due when the work is completed.”

  1. You are viewed as professional:  Your client now sees you as a person who has payment policies in place.  They respect you, and they are clear on what you expect and how it’s going to go.
  2. A commitment is formed: Your client is fully committed when they pay a deposit. When some one pays a deposit towards something, they are making a commitment to the project. It’s a psychological thing.  Without a deposit, there is no real commitment from your client.  It’s like buying plane tickets.  My trip to Chicago last year was just talk until I plunked down the $500 for plane tickets.  Once that money was paid, it was a reality.  We were fully committed.

Don’t begin the work without a commitment from your client in the form of a deposit

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