Skies, light, and atmosphere are all bound together, and to blend these elements together will enhance your exterior renderings substantially.

Even the most ordinary of subjects can be transformed by the right lighting and moodMany 3D artists find themselves in a rut from time to timeincapable to bring forth exuberance for the next exterior rendering. By creating or changing the sky, lighting or atmosphere, you can come up with a genuinely fresh look for your work.

Skies set the mood of an exterior rendering and greatly influence the lightyet many 3D artist scarcely give any consideration.

So before starting an exterior rendering, I ask myself a number of questions:

What sort of mood do I wish to create that would work with the composition

    • Do I want a coolwarm, or neutral sky?
    • What time of day do I want to suggest
    • Is there a need for the sky to balance the composition?
    • Can the clouds or light in the sky be arranges to highlight a prominent feature?
    • How should the sky relate to the landscapeespecially where the two elements meet?
    • Do I want intense light coming from some part of the sky and if so, where?

These questions may seem to be over- complicated, but after a while they become second nature and most are instantly solved.

With just a little forethought and knowledge you can turn your skies into absolute gems 

 If you have any question please, contact me, and I'll reply as soon as possible.