Are you under a tight deadline? I would highly recommend the Rebus Render Farm. Over the last several years I have tested almost all my options, from Amazon to Google, and all the major render farm as a service.

This weekend I was wrapping up the "Chicago Office Space" architectural rendering, the clock was ticking and I was feeling the pressure, so I reached out to the Rebus Render folks. I downloaded the Rebus Render Farm Farminizer software, which checks and starts your render job from inside your 3D software. I clicked render and literally, in a matter of an hour, I had 4 - 6000X3000 crystal clean renders downloaded to my project folder. 

I know, but at what cost, you ask? This was one reason I never pulled the trigger on utilizing a render farm service. My fear was my image would be held hostage for some ungodly dollar amount. Most render farm services have calculators, but they are notoriously not accurate. Each 6000 X 3000 still rendering cost around $10. 

There are many good render farm solutions, some are less expensive, but none are as easy as Rebus Render Farm. So, if you are racing against the clock, I would recommend Rebus.

What are the advantages of the Rebus Render Farm?

The RebusFarm increases the speed of your renderings with massive rendering power provided by the Render Farm with its render-node clusters. Our render servers calculate still images and 3D animations in breathtaking speed and excellent quality.

Submitting your render jobs to the Rebus Render Farm saves you high acquisition costs compared to the purchase of expensive local hardware. The render nodes in the Rebus Render Farm guarantee optimal results, and deliver your images a thousand times faster than a single High-End-Workstation could ever do.

With the Rebus Render Farm you can solve your render tasks online in the cloud. Using the Farminizer software, which can be downloaded from our homepage, you can upload your 3D graphics and 3D animations to the cloud where our service takes over the rendering. This online functionality saves you expensive hardware and software licencing costs - the user-friendly Farminizer software and our Render Farm makes it possible!

Render Farm Specs

RebusFarm is the most advanced Render Farm Service in the world wide web. Leading in terms of hardware, price, number of supported software packages, development and service.

Supported Software

Autodesk 3ds Max

  • V-Ray
  • mental ray
  • Maxwell Render
  • Scanline Render
  • Corona Render

Autodesk Maya

  • mental ray
  • V-Ray
  • Maxwell Render
  • Software Render
  • Arnold Render

Maxon Cinema 4D

  • V-Ray
  • Advanced Render
  • Maxwell Render
  • Standard Render
  • Physical Render

Autodesk Softimage

  • mental ray
  • Arnold Render

Maxwell Render

  • Standard Render

Luxology modo

  • Standard Render

Newtek Lightwave 3D

  • Standard Render
  • Kray


  • Standard Render
  • Cycles
  • V-Ray

Distributed Still Render

  • 3ds Max
  • Maya (mr)
  • Cinema 4D
  • Softimage
  • Maxwell Render
  • modo

Standalone Software

  • Maxwell Render
  • Indigo Render

Render Cloud

Equipped with the Farminizer Software and the Mobile App you are always a click away from your renderjob, controlling the Render Farm and your renderjob. The facility is connected to the world wide web with 20 Gbit/s.


We always use the newest hardware, because we know exactly what you need: Pure computing power. Your renderjob will get the full 49,440 GHz computing power from brand-new Dual Xeons, equipped with 32-64 GB RAM.

1700 XEON x 6 x 2.40 GHz = 24,480.00 GHz
1300 XEON x 8 x 2.40 GHz = 24,960.00 GHz

All CPUs include Hyperthreading which will double the total clock frequency to 98,880.00 GHz. The benefits of Hyperthreading are NOT charged. You will get them for FREE.

Provided Hardware

Total Computing Power

  • 49,440 GHz
  • Cinebench: 2,23 Mio.

Server Type A:
(650 Pieces)

  • Dual XEON E5 2630v3 (16core)
  • 16 x 2,40 GHz
  • 64 GB RAM

Server Type B:
(850 Pieces)

  • Dual XEON E5645 (12core)
  • 12 x 2,40 GHz
  • 32-64 GB RAM


Operating System

  • Win 7 (64 Bit)

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