If you're ready to start sharing your rendering and illustration skill with friends, family, and others (and receive feedback from them), you have many free or inexpensive options to chose from online. Many photo-sharing Web sites offer free memberships, and anyone can fill out a profile form and then upload an unlimited number of images. Depending on your preference, you can usually opt to share them privately or publicly. Here are a few good photo-sharing Web sites to try out.

Although showing your work to others can be scary, especially if doing so is new for you, it's an important and exciting part of being an artist. All the feedback you get, even the negative stuff, is helpful if you embrace it the right way. Because you know your work so thoroughly from your own point of view, other people can often point out things you may not see. You don't have to agree with everything your viewers says, but knowing what kind of response people have to your work is important to your growing as an artist.

If you'd rather create your own free Web page where you can display your work, simply type in free personal Web pages into any search engine and choose a home for your site. Most of these resources offer easy-to-follow instructions for setting up your page and getting online.

Being interested in drawing with your computer, Web sites like www.ratemydrawings.com enable you to use digital tools to create drawings online and then share them with the site's members audience. Sites like this one allow you to get feedback on your work and ind a community of art-minded people th share ideas with