Can you feel that sunshine? Summer is coming into bloom everywhere, so why not let your creativity blossom and check out the latest awesome tutorials on ? In this new series, we welcome professional artist, Kirbi Fagan, to our team as she takes the gray area out of color theory!

Have you been put off learning this essential art skill in the past? Perhaps you've had enough of dull text books and boring online tutorials? Let Kirbi bring some color into your creative career with a series of fun videos that are ideal for beginners and more experienced artists.

And that's not all - we're about to unveil some awesome news about our brand new community site! We can hardly contain our excitement about all this new stuff, so we'll keep this email short and sweet and let you check it out for yourselves!


In Color Theory, Kirbi Fagan gives you the lowdown on the color wheel and shows you how to mix exactly the right shades on your palette. In this fun and entertaining series, she demonstrates how you can use these pro techniques in your own artwork to paint anything you want. Through watching this series, you'll learn:

  • How colors work and complement each other 
  • What 'cold' and 'warm' color are and how you can use them
  • How to create a great composition for your artwork
  • How to create a portrait using these pro coloring techniques
    (Kirbi is a great teacher and her lessons are perfect for artists of all abilities!)

Watch Kirbi Fagan's Color Theory Series Here


Coming Soon! A Very Special Invitation

Imagine a place where you could join in a discussion about art with creative people from all over the world? A place where you could get advice from and swap ideas with professional artists?

The new Pencil Kings Community promises to be the go-to resource for anyone serious about taking their talent to the max and pretty soon, we'll be unveiling a very special limited offer for new members!

We can't say too much right now (after all, everyone loves surprises, right?), so all we can say this space!


New Artists Wanted for Pencil Kings Tutorials!

We heard your feedback, and you know what? We've been missing out on our greatest resource - artists
like you, Bobby !

Are you an Artist? Let's Talk!

We're on the hunt to get as many new lessons up as we can, so if you feel that you can produce lessons as good or better than the existing lessons on  Pencil Kings - please drop us a line at because we would love to hear from you.

We want to make Pencil Kings the go-to site for artists of all abilities, but we need your help to be the best! So, don't be shy - get in touch if you feel you could share your talent with others!

That's it for this update - we hope you enjoy all this new stuff and we'll be in touch shortly with more new lessons! 

Best wishes,


PS - We're going to have an announcement about a brand new area to the site in a few days so stay tuned for that! 

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