This was a great project that I think turned out well.  I am always impressed when the business owners reach out to me. From architects and designers to business owners and homeowners.

What is happening is, like most businesses, architects and designers find a way to create revenue. With most design software today, the architectural rendering is a by-product of the design drawings. So, it becomes something that the architects and designers can charge for, however, the quality, for the most part, isn't' really good. When the owner requests an architectural rendering, so they can do their marketing after the design is done, they find that the renderings will not suffice and that's where I come in. 

Having said that, I see another change happening. The architects and designers are starting to approach me again because they are finding out that they can't compete with their renderings if they do them in-house. Like anything, it takes a lot to get really good at something and to get a good rendering you need someone, like me, who specializes in it.


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