A major part of any staging process involved trail and error, shifting objects around while paying close attention to how the objects interact. Consider how colors overlap, how objects cast shadow on one another and how certain effects are more pleasing than others.

Here Are 7 Tips For Better Composition.

  1. Have a basic layout in mind, vertical or horizontal.
  2. Have reference photos
  3. Removing objects can be as helpful as adding new ones
  4. Experiment
  5. Cast shadows are a wonderful way to explain form. A shadow gives solidity to the object casting the shadow, and the shape of the shadow can help explain other forms as well.
  6. As you refine a composition, pay attention diagonal lines and angles created by objects; try to make diagonals more interesting through a slight adjustment. Also avoid creating tangents (places where objects abut or overlap one another) that are visually confusing.
  7. Be open to removing something if it isn't working, even towards the end of th process. Fine tuning the negative spacing, as well as the way the various shapes overlap. 
Keep An Open Mind

Keep An Open Mind

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