Looking for a good way to raise the rendering bar? If possible, get down low, it's often just that simple. Rendering from a near-to-the-ground perspective is a surprisingly quick and effective method for making your rendering jump out from everyone else's

For example, most children are rendered from a typical grown-up height. For more emotionally engaging rendering, bring your camera to a kneeling height, to catch kids at their eye level. 

All this goes for pets, too, as well as flowers and any other short subjects that can be captured low to the ground, For some subjects, you can combine a low perspective with getting close. This can further heighten the importance of small subjects by making them appear large in relation to their surroundings.

Outside on a sunny day include a bold blue sky as the background. For instance, get as low as you can go and then aim up at a subject such as a flower. This will let you include the sky as a colorful backdrop while treating your viewers to something new. I guarantee your viewers will appreciate your fresh take on things.


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