Colored Pencil Techniques from Artist Daily: Create Faster, Richer Effects in Your Colored Pencil Drawings

As a medium, colored pencils are rapidly growing to a higher level of appreciation in the art world today.Artist Daily has compiled free tips and techniques for achieving fresh and innovative effects using colored pencils in this free eBook. Many artists over the years have come to find out that color pencils are a very non-forgiving medium. However, following this free tutorial, you may find how fulfilling and uplifting working with color pencils to be.

Colored pencil art is on the rise. Many artists want the lushness of color and the precision of a drawing implement, and the ability to mix the two with their painting practices as well. Using colored pencils is a way to have all of this. In our new free eBook, Colored Pencil Techniques: Create Faster, Richer Effects in Your Colored Pencil Drawings, artist Janie Gildow gives a colored pencil tutorial based on her own artistic practices that show just how adaptable colored pencils can be. Get your free copy today!